Apple Pay app IOS 9 Iphone 6S

Tired of hunting for cards when you want to buy
something? The innovative Apple Pay makes the
payment process intuitive and easy.

Apple Pay marks a huge change in the way we
can pay for goods for a number of reasons. It is
exceptionally convenient, highly secure and after a
few uses, you may find it tiresome to use a traditional card to
pay for things. It is transformative in that the retailer will not
receive any information about you when you make a purchase
and a unique code is used for every single transaction for
added security. The use of Touch ID is a major security benefit
and with the extremely natural Wallet app managing all of your
payment cards, there really are no downsides to using Apple
Pay. We will show you how to set up a debit or credit card
to use with Apple Pay and also demonstrate how to make a
payment, which is easier than you may expect. Indeed, when
you first use Apple Pay, it doesn’t even feel as though you have
bought anything, but trust us when we say that it will soon
become the most natural thing in the world to you. The Wallet
app has the potential to replace much of what you currently
carry in your real wallet and makes your iPhone more useful
than ever before in emergencies or during normal daily use.
The future of payments is already here.

1: Scan a card
Tap ‘Next’ on the from screen and then tap
the ‘+’ icon to bring up a scanning screen.
Point your iPhone at a payment card and it will
immediately recognise it.

2: Verify your card
You now have to navigate through a selection
of screens and you will need to input
information such as the security code to
validate your payment card.

3: The final verification
Your bank will require you to either call them,
or you can opt to receive a text verification
code. The entire process only takes a couple of
minutes and is very simple.

4: Time to pay
When you tap on the payment card in Wallet,
you will need to hold your finger on the home
button to verify the payment through the
iPhone’s secure Touch ID.

5: Find the reader
Simply hold your phone near the payment
reader in the store with your finger on the
home button and the payment should be
taken in an instant.

6: Check your payments
All payments will be listed in the Wallet app
below your card so that you can check for
accuracy and keep a careful track on your
spending habits.