Backup to iCloud IOS 9 Iphone 6S

Keep all of your data safe using the essential and
almost invisible iCloud Backup feature. It offers
peace of mind every single day.

iCloud Backup is a feature that could easily be
classed as essential for anyone who owns an
iPhone. It is exceptionally easy to set up and Apple
offers 5GB of free online storage that you can utilise by simply
creating an Apple ID. When a backup is performed, it will
take care of every important piece of data that you need
to keep safe, from messages to apps preferences to game
progress. Physical apps are not backed up, but the fact that
you own them is, and when you restore through iCloud to a
new device, they will be automatically installed as part of the
process. A restore will bring back 100 per cent of your personal
information and the device will look identical to the way it
was before. This means that a stolen iPhone will not cause you
to lose any precious data and the same applies if you suffer
a major system failure. If you take the time to set up iCloud
Backup to cover the apps and data you need, it will run invisibly
in the background every day and you will always have peace
of mind knowing that everything is stored securely. It is often
true that your data is more valuable than your hardware, so you
really should keep it safe just in case the worst happens.

1: Find the feature
Open the Settings app and then look for the
‘iCloud’ option i. Tap it and make sure that you
are signed in to your iCloud account using your
Apple ID.

2: The backup option
Now scroll down through the various iCloud
options and you will see one called ‘Backup’. By
default this is set to the ‘Off’ position, so tap on
the option and then turn it on.

3: Turn it on
You will now see a small window appear.
Tap on OK and then wait for the ‘Turning on
Backup’ message to disappear. It may take a few
seconds to initialise.

4: Time to wait
The initial backup process may take some
considerable time to complete. The best thing
to do is to leave it running and return to the
Backup option later.

5: Check the backup
Once completed, tap ‘Storage’ of the iCloud
settings screen and then ‘Manage Storage’. You
will now see your backups listed at the top of
the screen.

6: Your secure data
Tap the iPhone item under ‘Backups’ and then
Show All Apps to see exactly which data has
been secured. You can turn off any that do not
need to be backed up.

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