The History of Venetian Cuisine

The History of Venetian Cuisine

Built on land, isolated from the waters of the lagoon, without being able to cultivate wheat and wheat, nor “anything at all to the human lives”, Venice has nevertheless held a primary position in the art of gastronomy for centuries. By virtue of necessity, the

feast sensa

Feast of Sensa Venice

And the Feast of the Sensa came. Good occasion, in the Veneto countryside, to do a bit of good breeze and feast your legs under a table with rustic eaters: cotechino and pork tongue for example, a tasty dish to refine the mouth of sioros.The

end venice republic

The end of the Venetian republic and the Veronese Easters

The word Easter, which originates from the Latin ecclesiastical pasqua (which in turn comes from a Jewish voice that means “passage”), has always had an outline of joy and good wishes. Not so are the Veronese Pasque (al plural, to French usage) which are instead

The winged lion symbol of St Mark in Venice Italy

The Winged Lion: Symbol of St Mark in Venice Italy

The winged lion (with the book, but also sometimes with a inkwell) is the symbol of the evangelist St Mark, patron saint of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. The four evangelists are all accompanied by a precise symbol: in addition to the lion of St

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