Does anti hair loss shampoo work

Usually you notice it almost by chance: one morning you wake up and on the pillow you find a myriad of hair. Maybe at the first episode you minimize, then day after day, at the repetition of the event, you are convinced you have a serious problem. What to do? To fight alopecia it can be useful to lead a healthier life, perhaps by reducing stressors (utopia) or improving nutrition, but also to resort to one of the best shampoo anti-fall (Bioscalin, Biokap, Neril, Bionike, Vichy, Dercos, Ducray, Biopoint, Medavita, L’oreal) currently on the market.

Of course, identifying it is not a very simple thing, also because you have to learn to distinguish the false miracle products (those that, to be understood, cost an eye of the head and have no effectiveness) from those actually useful to stem the problem. Before making such a selection, however, it is advisable to collect some additional information on the disease, so as to be able to evaluate the various solutions proposed with a more lucid awareness.


Hair loss: what is it attributable to?

When the hair falls out, so, without any apparent reason, it is clear that something has intervened by damaging that perfect balance that keeps the human body healthy. At this point, however, a clarification is necessary: the hair (in a more or less significant way) fall to all, young, old, women and men.

Sometimes, fortunately, it is a simple mechanical phenomenon: the frequent use of poor quality or too tight elastic bands, incorrect hygienic habits, etc.. have in fact a good responsibility in this regard. Other times the phenomenon coincides with a period in which you are considerably stressed or under pressure or, in most cases, with the simple and inevitable aging process of the body (androgenetic alopecia).

Often baldness can also have genetic reasons: those who have several family members without hair are almost certainly doomed to follow in the footsteps of his loved ones. Nutrition also plays an important role in this respect: an aproteic diet that pays little attention to the percentages of specific vitamins (A, C, B) and iron ingested causes in fact a temporary thinning of the hair.

In the most worrying case, alopecia is instead the indicator of a psychophysical imbalance that the body for some reason decides to manifest with hair loss (thyroid failure, fungal infections, hypergonadism, autoimmune diseases, leprosy, scabies, generic skin diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome, hormonal imbalances, venereal diseases, etc.).

When to worry?
The problem becomes a problem when the amount of tufts found on the pillow, stuck to the brush, etc.. are too abundant and, of course, (but we are already at an advanced stage) when you notice on the head of the real patches without hair. Usually you should start to be alarmed when, with the eye and cross, you lose more than 100 hairs a day.

At this point, in addition to reviewing your habits, you should immediately contact a specialist, perform comprehensive blood tests and buy a shampoo to prevent hair loss. Let’s be clear, the latter will certainly be of help in many cases, but obviously as much as a chemical, medical or pharmaceutical product can be defined, it is certainly not miraculous.

Those who have organic problems of a certain magnitude, those who deal with their genetic heritage, those who are still forced to undergo special treatments such as chemotherapy (a treatment that, however, once exhausted allows the hair to grow back) or is already practically bald, do not hope to see a flowing hair sprouting on their head just because it uses a specific shampoo …

Shock Therapies
While a specialist in the field will identify the causes of the problem, it is possible to avoid a principle of alopecia by following a few simple behavioural dictates that, useful in different measures to stop hair loss, certainly do not cause damage to the body. Specifically, the shock therapies used to deal with the problem are:

Attention to diet: in addition to following a healthy and balanced diet, you should be sure that the table never lacks foods that provide the body with the right amount of vitamins A, C and B3.
Supplements: to further support the therapeutic functions of these vitamins can intervene, obviously with a specific medical prescription, even supplements designed to compensate for incorrect absorption of the same by the body or a diet that, necessarily, can not be so balanced.

Pharmaceutical, medical and therapeutic treatments: in this case, of course, it is not possible to give general guidelines on the behaviour to be followed. It will be specialists, trichologists or just general practitioners who will suggest the most appropriate shock therapies for each individual. As written elsewhere, in fact, alopecia can be generated not only by physiological or genetic causes, but can also be the spy of other diseases. Given the variety of diseases that among the symptoms include thinning hair, will be an employee who, having established the cause of hair loss, will suggest to the patient to undergo therapies of a psychological nature, take antifungal drugs, treat any dermatological disorders, etc.. Once healed, the hair, almost by magic, will return to its place, without the need for further treatment.
Anti-fall shampoo: is a product for the cleansing of the hair and scalp that can somehow help the patient to stop the phenomenon of alopecia, reactivate the hair follicles (and thus encourage hair regrowth) and volumize the hair in order to make the problem less obvious.
Anti-fall shampoo: how to choose it?
As mentioned above, choosing a fall arrest shampoo is not very easy. In fact, it comes into play the particular chemical and pharmaceutical knowledge that not everyone can say they own. Here, then, at least in general, are the criteria to be followed in order to buy a good product:

Formula: it is clear that an effective anti-fall shampoo is such in relation to its formula. In general, the active ingredients of which it is composed are inhibitors of hormones of fall (for example, much used in this sense is a substance called finiasteride, inhibitor of DHT, ie one of the hormones involved in the process of hair loss). Also useful are elements such as Minoxidil (a substance capable of repopulating the scalp, but which loses its effectiveness when it is no longer used regularly) and biotin. The formulation must also be studied in such a way as not to contain sulfates and parabens.
Delicacy: although there is a lot of chemistry at the base of these products, it is necessary that the anti-fall shampoo is still delicate, so much so that it can be used even if you have the habit of washing your hair often. The most suitable products in this sense are those with a wide biological base, i.e. born from the union of a small percentage of chemical substances with a good quantity of natural ingredients (coffee, pumpkin seeds, etc.).
Presence of volumizing agents: many anti-fall shampoos combine the inhibitory action of DHT with a volumizing effect. Since on average such a detergent needs a few weeks of treatment before it can show the effects of its use, making the canopy more voluminous is an alopecia shock solution. In fact, thin, sparse hair would give the problem more prominence.
Perfume: it seems to be a minor discriminating factor, but perfume is also important. There are products on the market that are practically odourless, others that are very fragrant and others that are not very pleasing to the nose. Obviously in this case it is not possible to say that a fall arrest shampoo is better than another: it is up to the user to evaluate which perfume satisfies him most.
Price: it is clear that an anti-fall shampoo is not just any detergent. Its cost will therefore certainly not be comparable to that of a common product. Usually it is good to be wary of shampoo without a brand or sold at derisory prices: they are almost always cheats or ineffective products.
Adaptability to your skin: it may seem strange, but not all people with alopecia will benefit from the use of the same product. To be effective, in fact, a fall arrest shampoo must also take into account the physiological characteristics of the skin and the scalp of the user. Therefore, before going to the pharmacy to buy its detergent, the latter would do well to seek advice from a specialist who, assessing the actual dermatological conditions of the scalp, will give the patient general information about the exact type of shampoo to buy.
As mentioned above, the fall arrest shampoo is certainly not one of the cheapest personal care products. After all, it should be considered halfway between a detergent and a drug and its clearly higher cost, in this perspective, is not difficult to justify. As is often the case, the various fall arrest shampoos on the market can also have quite different costs.

This gap obviously depends on whether or not the characteristics listed above are respected, but more marginal factors such as the brand of the product, the physical or virtual store where you decide to buy it, the presence of any promotions, the capacity of the bottle in which it is contained, etc. are not negligible. In principle, an anti-fall shampoo can therefore cost between 10 and 70 euros per bottle.

Does anti hair loss shampoo work

Any product that goes too far out of this range should be discarded a priori. In the event that it is less expensive in fact, most likely you would be faced with a shampoo made with inappropriate ingredients, of dubious origin or of very little effectiveness. In the event that it costs much more, among other things in an unjustified way, it is good to ask if the dealer you turned to is a charlatan or a trader willing to do anything to increase its profit margins.

Best anti-fall shampoo for men and women
Since it’s not always easy to switch between the many products currently on the market and choose the one that is best suited to your needs, it is perhaps useful to consult the small list of generally most effective fall arrest shampoos offered at the bottom. Once again, each case requires specific products to solve the causes of alopecia.

Each shampoo must also somehow respect the specific characteristics of the patient’s skin. It is therefore advisable to ask the general practitioner or specialist for confirmation before opting for the purchase of one of the products listed below rather than another and this, as will now be clear to all, regardless of the high quality of the detergents proposed.


Revivogen Bio Cleansing is an anti-fall shampoo made with a natural formulation. Its composition is so delicate as to allow the user a daily treatment. Among the ingredients that make up this detergent should certainly include DHT inhibitors, emollient agents, moisturizers and soothing skin lesions, as well as vitamins and natural substances capable of restoring a certain shine to the hair and especially a volume that hides at least in part the problems of alopecia. Selenium, one of the antioxidants present in the formulation, then acts as an anti-dandruff element.

The bottle is generally on the market in the format of 360 ml and has a cost between 20 and 30 euros. Although to some the price may seem a bit ‘high, it should be specified that the shampoo in question is a concentrated detergent. Revivogen Bio Cleansing can, indeed must, be used in small quantities or diluted with water. The detergent in fact makes a lot of foam and if used in excessive quantities can cause small problems to the skin. Moreover, as already specified elsewhere, it is still a medical shampoo. The product, despite its many virtues and the many qualities possessed, is not always suitable for users with oily hair.

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