Enhanced security IOS 9 Iphone 6s Iphone 6S

With so much personal information being stored on your
iPhone, it is natural and entirely understandable that you
should want to protect it if your device falls into the wrong
hands. Which is why iOS 9 places more onus on security. In the latest
operating system, Apple has strengthened the passcode that protects
your device, making it harder for prying eyes to access your files. This has
been done by increasing the number of digits for the passcode from
four to six, increasing the number of possible combinations from 10,000
to one million. And if a passcode alone isn’t sufficient enough to secure
your account then the introduction of a new two-factor authentication
system tightens the security still further. If you are trying to log into your
account on a different device then a verification code will be sent to
your other iOS devices. Enter this code and you will be allowed access,
don’t enter it and you will frozen out.

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