Extended battery life IOS 9 Iphone 6S

What’s interesting is that the addition of more core apps
and the greater demand on your iPhone’s processing power
won’t hamper your device’s battery life – in fact it will last
longer than ever. This is largely thanks to the apps and technologies
being optimised with iOS 9 so as to run more efficiently and thus reduce
the drain on the battery. However, the light and proximity sensors on
your iPhone 6 also tell the device when it is, for example, face down on
a table, so that the screen will be prevented from lighting up for any
reason – even when you receive a notification. If you do find yourself
running out of juice then you can also initiate a new ‘Low Power’ mode
that shuts down certain features and services to ensure that you can
access and power the essentials when you need to. Apple predicts
that overall you will gain up to an hour of additional usage out of your
device after a full charge. Every little helps.

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