How to send a video on facebook maintaining an high quality

How to send a video on facebook maintaining an high quality. Factors to keep in mind when you send a video on facebook, are:

1- Original quality of the footage: from what source is the video? gopro, camera, video camera, mobile phone. . .
2- Video Resolution
3- Video bitrate
4- codec used for video capture

Our video captured with Panasonic G7 to 4K with 100mbps h264 codec and bitrate.

We analyze how to compress a video Facebook:
FACEBOOK compresses videos only 720p at a low bit rate, for the HD  version 1.5 mbits max bitrate while the SD version only 250Kbits (0,250mbits).


For this reason HAS NO SENSE send video on facebook to 4K (3840×2160) or full HD 1080p (1920×1080), as the Facebook server will resize ALWAYS bringing any video at a maximum resolution of 720p (1280×720).


Indeed, it is recommended to resize the video to be sent on facebook at 1280×720 BEFORE you send it. The main reason is the size (weight in MB) that will obviously be less which means less time to upload, it is also wise DO NOT RESIZE to Facebook because you lose sharpness.
So better to send a video on Facebook already downsized to 720p, it saves on time and you gain in quality. For bit rate (ie the amount of video data) must find the right balance that results from the tests is to be considered around 16Mbits, max 20mbits in the case of video with many moving scenes.

inviare video su facebook con massima qualità
inviare video su facebook con massima qualità

The parameter to be set in the video compression to be sent to Facebook using the H264 codec (x264 if you want to max quality) is

X264 CRF (in constant quality) and 18 preset as the medium.

Video shot with Canon 6D and optical Sigma 12/24 h264 codec in 90mbits

Why the video I posted on facebook you see evil? It has no quality despite being in HD?
The key issue is the origin of the movie, which device was filmed the movie to be sent on facebook. The quality of a semi pro camera or a camera like the Panasonic GH4 that records to 200mbps in h264, is quite different than a gopro with a small sensor or even a mobile phone.


Plays a critical role digital noise (noise) present in different frames of the movie, the bit rate at which it was recorded (100mbps have better quality of 30 or 40Mbps) quality means less compression artifacts (the pixel blocks that are noticed in poorly compressed videos). The rule is: if you send a video on Facebook and I want to have the highest quality, the movie should have from the start, otherwise it will suffer as a recompression at a very low bit rate not exceeding 2Mbits will create compression artifacts that ruin the movie .[button color=”red” size=”” type=”” target=”” link=””]GOOD HOME VIDEO + RESIZE 1280×720 + 16Mbits bitrate CRF 18 medium presets[/button]
Here’s another video on facebook made drone Phantom 3 Standard h264 codec at 40Mbps

I video elencati sono stati compressi con MEGUI in x264 alla risoluzione di 1280×720 impostando il convertitore video a 16mbps CRF 18 preset medium.
Questa è la qualità ottenibile su Facebook, ovviamente non paragonabile a quella di youtube o vimeo.

The videos listed were compressed with MeGUI x264 at 1280×720 setting the video converter to 16Mbps CRF 18 preset medium.
This is the quality achievable on Facebook, of course not comparable to that of youtube or vimeo.


Programs to use to send a video on facebook with highest quality

VirtualDub (editing video freeware)
Codec Pack (lagarith and other codecs)
Handbrake (freeware x264 converter)
MEGUI (best x264 encoder)
StaxRip (multi encoder x264 / VP9)
Neat Video (clean your video from noise)

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