How Tall is Quackity White?

how tall is quackity

How tall is Quackity Bob? He’s ten feet tall and he loves to play football in the park with his friends. He is always balancing on his toes and he can’t stand on his head. Mommy and Daddy think it’s okay because they’ve always told him that if he gets too tall he might fall out of the window. His father even bought a car for Quackity so he wouldn’t fall out of it. Even though his mother is pregnant, she still cannot bring herself to leave him alone and he refuses to go.


One day his friends asked him if he wanted to play basketball with them and he said yes. As soon as he walked into the gymnasium, the other boys were standing and one of them said, “We thought you were going to join us, Quackity.” Quackity didn’t answer his friends and they all laughed at him. Then one of his friends ran up to him and said, “You’re so tall, we’re going to get you a scholarship.” Quackity was so embarrassed that he couldn’t say a word and his friends laughed at him even more.


Quackity was given an award certificate by the head cheerleader for football and track. He was upset and very disappointed because he thought that he was too short for any kind of sports. He wanted to play football but his coach told him he was too tall for that. Doctors said that he had dwarfism which is a condition where a person has a hard time growing their bones. Quackity’s father told him there was nothing they could do about his height and he would have to live with it.


A couple of months later, Quackity flew to New York to visit his uncle and his family. He was very excited because his uncle was a doctor. He asked how tall was quality and his uncle replied, “You are about the same as most Americans, but maybe a shade shorter than some Americans. We Americans are blessed with the true height gene. If you put your mind to it and study enough, it can be done. You might not be able to run for president or be a professional basketball player but there are ways to change your life.”


How tall is Quackity could have been completely different if he had researched more on his genes. There are ways to reverse gene birth defects. It is possible to increase your genetic potential. A doctor in Utah has developed a surgery that not only increases someone’s height, but cures for their diseases as well. His surgery has no side effects.


Quackity could have become a very tall man if he had focused on his diet more. He should have been drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, every day. He could have become very tall with a good diet. Quackity could also become very tall with a good exercise program. One of the exercises he should have done is yoga.


If you are still wondering how tall is quality, try to find out all you can about his parents. He probably got his nickname from his uncle. Perhaps one day, Quackity will look back and realize how important he was to his family. He is certainly on the right path to becoming a very tall man.


If he has dreams of being a doctor one day, perhaps that dream will come true. If he wants to become a basketball star, he can do it with a good coach and some special training. He can be an All-Star. He is only twenty-three years old. How exciting to think about Quackity White.

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