How to create business cards in Pages app IOS 9

The iPhone certainly isn’t just a device
for fun – apps like Pages, Numbers
and Keynote, as well as the Microsoft
Office suite, make it just as good for business as
it is for entertainment. And one of the things it
does particularly well is design work; the iPhone’s
touchscreen is perfect for combining images and
text, and Pages is a great place to do just that. Plus,
with the brilliant selection of built-in templates, you
can create all kinds of projects within a few seconds.
If you’re one of those using your iPhone for work,
you can even use it to make your own business
card. Whether you want to print the design or hand
it out digitally, Pages has everything you need to
make your card a reality, from professional-looking
templates to editing tools that let you get creative.

1: Pick a template
Tap the + button in the top-left and choose
to create a new document, then scroll down
to see the options for pre-made business card
templates for you to start with.
4: Add images
You don’t have to add images to your card to
make it look good, but they can add a personal
touch. Tap the + button and choose your
image from the Media browser.
2: Customise
You can start to customise the design you’ve
picked, moving elements around and altering
the colours of the included templates, like lines
and boxes, to fit your colour scheme.
5: Make it personal
Everyone has business cards, so you’ll need to
add something personal to make yours stand
out from the masses. Add a photo of yourself, a
quote or something similar.
3: Change fonts
Start playing with the fonts, too. Not every
design will have the perfect font included
automatically, so select the text, then tap in the
control bar to select a new one.
6: Get creative
If you can come up with a great idea it will only
help make your name stand out from a pile
of other cards. Spend time playing with your
design to create something memorable.

7: Digital card
If you’re designing a card that you’re going to
hand out digitally, use a blank, landscape page.
You don’t need to make several as you’re not
printing anything out.
8: Make it visual
Remember, you’ll be including your digital
business card in emails, texts and twitter
conversations, so make it visual to make sure
that it stands out from the crowd.
9: Export for sharing
When you’re finished, tap the Share button in
the top-right, then choose Open With Another
App and pick PDF. Save it to iBooks, and you’ll
then be able to email it to friends

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