How to create playlists in Apple Music app IOS 9

Playlists are incredibly important in an app where
you have access to millions and millions of tracks.
The temptation to download hundreds of albums is
great, but the end result will be a difficult-to-manage library,
which will be more hassle than it is worth just for the sake of
playing some music. In Apple Music, you can create playlists in
seconds from your music library and you also get to personalise
them so that titles and descriptions can be added, which is a
nice touch. If you take a lot of time creating playlists that flow
and choose songs carefully, you could use them as your default
method of playing songs. You could create a playlist for the
daily commute, one to help you sleep or one to push you when
exercising, but no matter what you need them for, there will
always be more options than you will ever need. We will take
you through the playlist creation process, which is exceptionally
easy, and also offer some tips on how to make the most of
them, but we are confident that once you create one, you will
go on to create many more. It won’t take long to understand
just how useful playlists are and how well they help you tame a
very large music library.

1: Find the option
In the main Playlist screen, look for the ‘New’
option on the right-hand side of the screen. It
is not obvious, but if you tap it you can start
creating a playlist.
2: Titles and descriptions
Enter a title for the playlist and an optional
description. We would suggest to complete
both as they will help you remember the track
listing in the future.
3: Your music library
Next you will be asked how you want to
view the tracks to select them. Choose your
preference and then start scrolling through the
list of available music.

4: Add some songs
Tap the ‘+’ icon next to any song or album and
it will immediately be added to the playlist. Try
not to add too many tracks as it could become
hard to follow.
5: Time to finish
Tap ‘Done’ when you have selected all of the
tracks you need and it will be added to the list
of playlists. The process is both intuitive and
very efficient.
6: A created playlist
The playlist can now be played just like any
other album, but with your choice of songs
and in the exact order you chose. It just like a
modern-day mixtape.

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