How to download from iTunes IOS 9

iTunes started life as a way to purchase and
download music from your computer onto your
iPod. Since then it has expanded to cover films, TV
shows and audiobooks. As with apps, you can access iTunes
purchases across all of your compatible devices. iTunes also
comes with its own recommendation service called Genius,
which uses your previous purchases to highlight music, films
and shows you might like. When it comes to music on iTunes,
you’ll be making an outright purchase of an album or single
that you can then transfer to other devices. That doesn’t
necessarily mean you have to download the music to your
device since purchased music can be streamed via the Music
app as long as you have an internet connection. TV shows
are also purchased outright, whereas movies can either be
bought or rented. Renting a movie is a cheaper option and
you will be given a month to watch your rental. Once you
start watching the movie, you will then have 48 hours to view
it before it becomes unavailable again. As soon as a purchase
has been made in iTunes, it will be made available in the
appropriate sister app such as the Music or Video app.

1: iTunes TV programmes
Open the iTunes Store app and tap TV
Programmes in the bottom tool bar. Tap
on Genres to browse through the various
categories and tap the one you want.
2: HD vs SD
When viewing a show’s information page,
you will see an HD and SD option (if available).
Featuring higher-quality video, HD versions of
shows are more expensive than SD ones.
3: Select a season
Shows are purchased per season. To change
seasons, tap Related in the show’s information
window. Here you will see more available
seasons available on iTunes.

4: Purchase individual episodes
Tap on the price icon next to an episode title,
then tap Buy Episode to purchase the individual
episode. Buying a season pass is cheaper than
buying all episodes individually.
5: Buy a season
Tap the price icon at the top of the series
information page to purchase the entire season
of a show. Once purchased, the show will be
made available within the Video app.
6: Share a show
Tap the Share icon in the top-right corner of
the information page to display a list of sharing
options with which to send a link to the show
in iTunes to other people.

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