How to Import and edit Excel files in Numbers app IOS 9

Work with Microsoft Excel documents in Numbers
on your iPhone and easily create cross-platform
compatible documents.

The built-in apps on your Apple device work
perfectly with the hardware and are optimised
to take full advantage of the operating system.
So while alternatives like Microsoft’s Office suite are still worth
a look, Apple’s own iWork apps offer similar functionality,
complete compatibility and a much nicer interface. Also, since
the iWork apps are designed to work the same on Mac and iOS,
you won’t be frustrated by missing features. But Apple knows
that many people still use Microsoft Office, and it has therefore
made it quick and easy to import and edit Microsoft files using
iWork apps. You can continue to enjoy the improved interface
of iWork on your iPhone without having to transfer to a Mac or
PC to work on a full version of Office. Better still, when you’re
finished with editing your work, you can export it as an XLS file
so that your friends and colleagues can pick it up where you left
off, no matter what app they’re using. Let’s get started and find
out how to import and edit Excel files in the Numbers app.

1: Open in Numbers
When you receive an Excel document, it will
appear like this in the email or message. Tap
and hold on it, then choose Open in Numbers
to bring up your iWork app.
2: Edit formulae
Double-tap in any cell and you can edit its
contents. Tap the ‘=’ icon to open the formula
menu – or if there is already a formula in a cell,
you can edit its elements here.
3: Add functions
Numbers has all the same functions as Excel;
tap the Functions button on the right to add
a new function from a category. Tap to add it,
then enter values for each element.

4: Create a graph
Select the data you want to use for a graph and
tap the + icon in the top-right. Select the kind
of graph you want and it will be added to your
worksheet instantly.
5: Sharing to Excel
When you’re finished with your sheet, tap the
Share button in the top-right and pick Send a
Copy. Choose Excel when this menu appears,
to export in an XLS format.
6: Sending options
You can share your document in a number of
ways – sending it to another app, transferring it
to a computer via iTunes, or sending it via email
or an iMessage.