How to listen to your favourite podcasts iPhone 6S

The Podcasts app is Apple’s native iOS app for
managing your podcast subscriptions, making it
easier than ever to keep up to date with the latest
episodes. The app features thousands of podcasts offering
free episodes to download and listen to on your iPhone.
There is a huge variety of content to choose from. Whether
you are into sports analysis, movie reviews or gardening tips,
there is a podcast for everyone. You don’t need to subscribe
to a podcast to check out its episodes: when browsing, you
can stream individual episodes without having to download
them to your device. Once you’ve subscribed to some
podcasts, you can then set up your own podcast station,
lining up all of your available podcasts to be listened to in
the same way you would listen to music in a playlist. The
Podcasts app also has a notification system, adjustable in
Settings, so you are always notified as soon as one of your
subscriptions releases a new episode. If you’re stuck for
something to listen to then check out the Featured list.

1: Find a podcast
Open the Podcasts app and tap Featured
or Top Charts in the bottom bar to browse
for podcasts. Or use the Search tool to do a
keyword search for a podcast.
2: Download episodes
Tap on a podcast name to open its information
window. You will be presented with a list of
episodes. Tap an episode to stream it or tap the
cloud icon to download it.
3: Subscribe to podcasts
In the information window, tap on Subscribe.
As soon as you’ve subscribed to a podcast, it
will be shown on the My Podcasts screen –
accessed via the option in the bottom bar.

4: View podcast episodes
Go to the My Podcasts screen, then tap on
a podcast. The Unplayed tab will display a
podcast’s new episodes. Tap on Feed to view all
of a podcast’s previous episodes.
5: Edit a podcast
Tap the Edit button in a podcast’s information
window. From here, you can select podcasts,
then mark them as played/unplayed, as well as
save them for later listening.

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6: Create a station
Tap My Stations, then tap New Station. Name
your station, then select the podcasts you want
included in the station, so that you can then
play through them in order.

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