How to manage email IOS 9 Iphone 6S

Make the most of the Mail app’s supreme
organisational capabilities and manage your digital
correspondence with ease.

Apple’s Mail app has got all the tools you could ever
need to keep your emails neatly organised. From
your initial Inbox, you can sort your messages into
multiple folders so that you can always access what you need,
when you need it. The Mailbox feature is super-handy, too.
For example, creating different mailboxes allows you to keep
your emails of different topics separate. Say you’re planning
a party – create a specific ‘Party’ mailbox and send all of your
emails about the party to that mailbox; then, when you need to
quickly and easily find some details, you can simply navigate to
your Party mailbox, where all the emails will be there waiting for
you! Flagging messages is also a great feature – simply tap the
flag icon on the email when you’re browsing, then head to your
Flagged mailbox to see all of these messages in one place. This
is a great feature for when you’re short on time – simply flag the
message to remind yourself it’s important and then check back
to your Flagged folder later on. Your VIP mailbox is also a great
time-saver. If you want to be notified of emails from specific
people, add these contacts to your VIP list to make sure you
never miss their messages again.

1: Mailboxes
The sidebar in the Mail app shows you your
mailboxes – all the different folders that you can
sort your mail into. The main one is Inbox. Tap
to view its contents.

2: Add new mailboxes
Tap Edit at the top right. Then hit New Mailbox
at the very bottom. Type a name for your
mailbox and then use the drop-down options
to choose its location.

3: Manage VIPs
Tap the ‘i’ icon next to your VIP mailbox to see
your VIP contacts. Tap on Add VIP, search for a
name or scroll through your contacts, then tap
to select it.

4: Manage flagged mail
When a message is flagged, it automatically
shows up in your Flagged mailbox. To unflag
emails, use the swipe gestures, or tap the small
flag icon at the top of the message.

5: Explore other mailboxes
Under Mailboxes, tap Edit. You’ll see a list of
potential mailboxes for you to utilise, such as
Unread, Attachments, Today and so on. Tap to
select a few, then hit Done.

6: Select multiple emails
With a mailbox open, tap Edit, then tap
individual messages to select them. At the
bottom there are options to Mark, Move or
Archive this group of selected emails.