How to Maps app IOS 9 Iphone 6s

Apple’s Maps app has just received a much-
requested update, which is the ability to use public
transport and to search routes based upon what is
available. Not only does the app show you the availability of
public transport, but it treats it just like driving in that you get
duration approximations, exact route steps and instructions
throughout your journey. Despite being an excellent
standalone driving and walking navigation solution, having this
new level of assistance really does lift it much higher than ever
before, and the solution is now starting to become invaluable
to millions of people. More cities now have a visually stunning
flyover tour available, most of which make you feel like you are
really there, and the ‘nearby’ function is yet another bonus to
be aware of. You no longer need to just search for addresses
or establishments because you can use descriptive terms such
as ‘restaurant’ and Maps will present a variety of options which
include full reviews. It’s fair to say that ‘Maps’ is no longer a big
enough word to describe the app because it does so much
more than offer digital mapping. It has become one of the best
travelling assistants in the world.

1: Find anything nearby
Search for any topic from your current location
and you will be shown relevant establishments
that fit. You can find fuel, coffee, food or
anything else in seconds.
2: Specific information
Tap any local result and you will be presented
with contact details, travel information and
even reviews from other customers. It may
replace many other location-based apps.
3: Find public transport
Tap the ‘Transport’ tab when searching for a
location and you will see a route displayed,
which focuses on public transport rather than
driving or walking.

4: More route options
Tap the ‘More Routes’ option and you will see
a variety of options. These let you refine your
route choice by duration, transport type and
leaving time.
5: Improvements all round
The labels and various other visual aspects of
Maps have been improved behind measure
to make the experience feel more natural and
realistic than ever before.
6: Flyover Tours
More cities have been added which include the
Flyover Tour functionality. You will be offered
the option at the top when available and the
end result is truly stunning.