How to navigate in Maps IOS9 Iphone 6S

You will be hard-pushed to find a better
navigational companion than Maps on your
iPhone. This app has everything you need in order
to find your way when setting off on a trip, or to explore brand
new and exciting places and discover precisely how to get
there from the comfort of your own home. What’s more, thanks
to enhancements made to the app through the iOS 9 update,
the new Transport view helps you make use of public transport
to see all possible train, bus and metro links to and from your
chosen destination. And if such information isn’t currently
available in the place you are visiting, the Maps app will suggest
a range of third-party apps that you can download, in-app, to
help relay the information that you crave.
Another worthwhile new feature is the enhanced search
function that lets you search for places and activities nearby.
So if you’re hungry you can check out the best restaurants,
or if you’re up for some entertainment then the Maps app
will highlight all of the places of interest near to your current
location. All this plus the regular turn-by-turn navigation and 3D
flyover features that have steadily made the app so essential.

1: Search for places
In the top search bar, begin typing the location
that you want to navigate to. You can use a
place name or a postcode, and Maps will show
you some suggestions.
2: View details
Once Maps has found your intended
destination, it will home in on that location.
You’ll also see a small car icon, telling you how
far away it is. Tap this.
3: Select route
You can then select whether you want to drive,
walk or get public transport to your destination,
and Maps will provide your route and ETA, plus
any extra info.

4: See directions list
To see a list of turn-by-turn directions, tap the
small ‘Start’ icon at the bottom of the screen.
This will show you your whole journey broken
down into step-by-step chunks.
5: Other modes of transport
In the directions menu, tap ‘Transport’ to see
public transport routes to a location. If none are
available, tap ‘View Transport Apps‘ to get other
apps that will be able to help you out.
6: See what’s around
While at your destination, tap the search field
and a range of different categories that apply
to all aspects of your visit will be instantly
selectable to help see what‘s around you.