How to rent and stream videos from iTunes Iphone 6S

The iTunes store is full of top-quality content to
enjoy through your iPhone, including movies
that you can buy or rent. Buying a movie obviously
means that it’s yours to keep to watch whenever you want,
but renting is a cheaper way to keep abreast of all of the
latest movie releases. When browsing the iTunes movie
store you will notice that some movies can be rented as
well as purchased outright. If you tap on the ‘Rent’ option
then you will agree to pay the rental fee using the credit
card associated with your Apple ID and the movie will be
downloaded to your device.
You will now be able to watch it through your Video
app, but be aware that you only have a limited window to
do so (see boxout), after which the video will be removed
from your device and you will have to rent it again if you
haven’t started or finished watching it. Rented movies can
be watched on any iOS or Mac OS X devices and, if you have
Apple TV then you can even stream it to the big screen to
enjoy with all of the family. Read on to find out more.

1: Launch iTunes app
On your iPhone, launch the iTunes app and
then go to the Films section, which is accessible
via the icon at the bottom of the screen. You
will be taken straight to the Featured section.
2: Find a film to rent
All of the new releases will be displayed in the
Featured section. Tap on the ‘Charts’ tab at
the top of the screen to see which movies are
currently proving the most popular.
3: Rental options
Not all films are available for rent, so you will
have to tap on each movie individually to see
if the option to rent is present. If it is, tap on it
followed by ‘Rent HD Film’.

4: Download the movie
When you agree to the rental purchase, the
video will be downloaded to your device and
will be accessible through the Videos app on
your iPhone.
5: Tap to play
Tap on the movie in your library to bring up all
of the details, such as the pot and cast, as well
as a chapter select, and then tap on the Play
button to start watching it on your device.
6: Watch the video
You can watch rented movies on your iPhone
or iPad, as well as a computer running the
iTunes app. You can also stream your rented
movies to Apple TV to watch on the big screen.