How to save your files to iCloud Drive IOS 9

iCloud Drive is integrated into the iOS 9 operating
system and here we will showcase how to save files
to this online storage facility.

iCloud Drive is feature integrated into iOS 9. You can
think of it as a virtual hard disk where any documents
saved to your default 5GB of online storage can be
accessed by other devices and computers.
In the tutorial we showcase how to enable iCloud Drive if
you haven’t done so already and look at how files are saved to it
using the core app, Pages – although the principle can also be
applied to Keynote and Numbers. In addition, we show how to
open and import documents from compatible third-party apps,
as well as providing a tip on how to access your files via your
Mac, PC or What’s useful to note here is that any
changes saved in one app/service will sync across to all of your
devices in real-time (with a good internet connection).
The only requirement is that all devices must be running
iOS 9, the latest iCloud Windows software or Mac OS X
Yosemite to use iCloud Drive; so be aware of this before you
upgrade, as activating iCloud Drive will change the file structure
so older devices won’t be able to access the content.

1: Enabling iCloud Drive
Launch the Settings app, tap iCloud, then
choose either ‘Upgrade to iCloud Drive’ or, if
the option has been disabled, select iCloud
Drive and toggle this to on.
2: iCloud with Pages
Launch the Pages app – for instance – and
after tapping Continue, choose the option Use
iCloud when prompted. Next tap on ‘Create a
Document’ and choose Visual Report.
3: Editing default template
In the template example we selected, just tap
on the existing text and change this. Next, tap
the arrow icon and then tap on the name of the
document and change it.

4: Automatic save
The document will save automatically to iCloud
Drive. You can check this by tapping the ‘+’ icon
at the top left and then selecting iCloud. From
here, navigate to Pages to view the file.
5: Import a copy
From step 4 you can also browse compatible
third-party apps (those not greyed out). Select
a file name from the folder and tap Continue to
import a copy into the app.
6: iCloud app toggle
If the document is not saving to iCloud Drive,
launch Settings and scroll down until you find
Pages. Next, tap the app name and check that
the iCloud Drive switch is toggled to on.

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