How to send multimedia messages IOS 9 Iphone 6S

You can send SMS and iCloud messages containing
all types of media from an iPhone, and the process
is obvious and straightforward throughout.

Multimedia messaging was the big new thing a
few years ago, but all that changed when people
realised how expensive it was to send photos
and videos via the SMS network. An iPhone will let you
send media using a traditional text message, but it can also
leverage the benefits of iCloud and enable you to share all
kinds of media and links for free. iOS 9 has added a new
voicemail feature that is light years ahead of the traditional
voice messaging system. We’ll show you how to use this new
functionality and also how to share photos in an instant – and
within other apps. Messaging is a core part of any iPhone
and is now accessible from almost any app, giving you added
flexibility in how your contact friends and colleagues. The days
of merely sending text messages are long gone since you can
now do so much more, and in a cost-efficient manner. You will
still need to be aware of which contacts are using iMessage or
not, but you’ll be able to enjoy a reliable system that arguably
works in a more obvious and efficient fashion than email.

Choose a number
If more than one person is using the same
iCloud account, make sure you go to Settings>
Messages and tick the number or email address
you want to use in Messages.

Send a voicemail
Tap and hold the microphone icon next to the
text input box, then start speaking. When you
are finished, tap the up arrow and a voicemail
will be sent immediately.

Tap to play
The received message can now be tapped and
it will play straight away. This is a very useful
and free way to avoid the old-fashioned mobile
voicemail system.

Send a photo
To send a photo, tap the camera icon next to
the text input box, then select an image from
the small panel that appears. Tap on Send and
it will be delivered by iMessage or SMS.

A real photo
The received image can be tapped and will
open in full size. It can then be saved, edited or
shared again with another contact. The original
photo is always delivered.

Send other media
The sharing option lets you send short videos,
website links and so much more using the
Messages app. Experiment to see what is
available on your iPhone.

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