How to use Facetime IOS 9 Iphone 6s

Change the way you contact friends and family, and
make the entire experience more personal. You can
also save money when using FaceTime.

FaceTime is an fantastic app in that it only offers
benefits and no downsides at all that we are aware
of. You can use Wi-Fi to make and receive calls and
this of course will decrease your mobile call spend, and you can
also use it for audio calls. Again, the audio calls can use Wi-Fi
and the resultant call quality is much better than you would
receive over a mobile network. It is, however, video calling that
makes the experience so much fun and very personal. If you are
speaking to family members who live some distance away or
simply chatting to friends before a night out, there is something
special about doing it face to face and standard audio calling
never feels quite the same again. Even better, the setup process
for FaceTime is minimal and you can start using it straight
away, but you may need to manage which numbers and email
addresses you are using to avoid confusion when making and
receiving calls. We will detail the simple process and give you
some pointers for the on-screen controls while making calls,
and within minutes you will be enjoying a whole new way of
communicating. Once you start using FaceTime, you won’t stop
because it really does change every conversation for the better.

Set it up
Go to FaceTime in the Settings app and tick
the numbers or email addresses that you want
to use with FaceTime. Tick only one of each to
avoid confusion between devices.

Who to call?
Open the FaceTime app and a list of contacts
will display in a column. Tap any of these
contacts and select a number or email address
to make a call.

Start the conversation
The call will initiate and you will see the dialling
dialog at the top of the screen. Wait for the call
to connect and remember that occasionally it
can take time.

Two windows
A small window will appear when you start
the call, showing your own image via the front
camera and you will see the person you are
calling full-screen. It works very well.

Turn it around
Tap the camera icon on the main screen to use
the rear camera on your iPhone to show your
current environment. This can be also be used
to show an activity or another person.

Use FaceTime Audio
When choosing a contact in FaceTime, tap the
Audio tab at the top in order to use FaceTime
Audio. The call quality is immeasurably better
than a normal mobile connection.

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