How to use Keynote app IOS 9 Iphone 6S

Making presentations is rarely easy. You
have to make sure the content is accurate
and interesting, and also ensure that the
equipment you use works adequately. Keynote is
simple to use and is a near-perfect tool for creating
visually impressive presentations, but when you
use the remote control facility to jump between
slides with just your iPhone, your hands will be free
to help express your words and you can feel more
comfortable throughout. It doesn’t take long to set
it up and the way the software works seamlessly on
both devices is a marvel of engineering that has a
real-world use for anyone. Care has been taken to
not only ensure that remotely controlling a Keynote
presentation is reliable, but that it covers everything
you need in times of pressure.

1: Find the setting
In the Mac OS X Keynote app, you will need to
go to Preferences / Remotes to find the right
settings page to set up a completely new
remote connection.
4: Time to connect
A passcode will appear and you need to make
sure that they are the same on each device.
Confirm on both and your iPhone is ready to
control presentations.
2: Enable your iPhone
Make sure that your iPhone is connected to
the same Wi-Fi connection as your Mac and if
necessary, turn on Bluetooth on each device to
connect without Wi-Fi.
5: A welcome screen
Whenever you tap ‘Allow Remote Control’
in the future, you will see a welcome screen
where you can tap ‘Continue’ to start
controlling presentations with your iPhone.
3: The iPhone settings
Open the iPhone Keynote app and find the
preferences. Now tap ‘Allow Remote Control’
to jump to the connection screen. Now move
back to the Mac Keynote app.
6: Jump through slides
At this point you can swipe left and right to
move between slides or simply tap on your
iPhone screen. The experience feels incredibly
natural throughout the process.