How to use Netflix app Iphone 6S

The Netflix app provides an almost limitless
array of movies and TV shows broken down into
categories. A video-store-style interface makes
Netflix perfect for browsing. If you don’t know what you
want to watch, just browse a while until you find something.
Netflix also makes recommendations: by monitoring what
kind of movies and shows you’re watching, it will make a
Top Picks digest for you. When you rate shows, it also uses
this info to better work out the kind of content you like.
Netflix can also connect to your Facebook account so you
can recommend content to friends as well as see what they
like. With the introduction of Profiles, Netflix can give you
personal recommendations even if multiple people are
accessing the same account. A profile will remember what
you’ve previously watched and provide shortcuts to continue
to watch a show you’re currently working your way through.
A profile can be selected each time you open the Netflix app.

1: Create a profile
Open the Netflix app and sign in using your
account details. If you have not already set up a
profile, tap Add Profile. Add a name and select a
picture, then tap Save.
2: Open and edit profiles
On the Who’s Watching screen, tap the pencil
icon to edit or remove a profile. Tap on your
own profile or tap Kids to open up the Netflix
main screen.
3: Categories
From the Continue Watching subheading you
can jump back into shows or movies that you
were watching previously. Tap the top-left
menu icon for more category choices.

4: Information window
You can tap on a show’s thumbnail to start
playing it straight away in the Continue
Watching subheading. Tap the ‘i’ icon to select a
specific episode or season from a series.
5: Using tags
When viewing a show or movie’s information
page, tap on a featured name to view more
content related to them, allowing you to
browse for videos starring them.
6: Rating content
The star system shows you the rating of a TV
programme or movie. Tap on a star to rate it
yourself; this will tell Netflix what kind of shows
and movies you like.

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