How to use Workflow app Iphone 6S

Workflow is one incredible app, enabling you to
take numerous iPhone functions and stitch them
together to make seamless automated actions.
For example, when you first launch the app you’re given
a tutorial on how to create a GIF workflow. This takes the
camera function, then adds it to the GIF creator, plus a sharing
option, and hey presto you have a one-stop-shop GIF creator.
When you press play on the workflow, your GIF is created in
mere seconds – it would take much longer if you had to do it
manually. You can easily create your own workflows through
the app’s drag-and-drop functionality. Simply tap ‘Create new
Workflow’, then scroll through the options on the left; when
you find the one you want, tap-drag it to the right to add it to
your workflow process. Workflows are useful for a whole range
of things; you can use them for fun creative projects that let you
edit every image you take instantly. Or you can utilise Workflow
for business purposes, from finding directions to creating
PDFs. The best thing is that every workflow you make can be
shared, added to your home screen or even added to other app
functions to make sure that your life is a streamlined as possible.

1: Create new Workflow
Tap the ‘+ Create Workflow’ button, then you’ll
see the creation screen. Start by selecting an
action from the list on the left and dragging it
into the space on the right.
2: Add actions
You can then continue to form the bulk of your
workflow by dragging each subsequent action
into the right-hand panel in order, to create the
steps in the process.
3: Tweak settings
When you’re done, tap the cog icon and type
in a name for your workflow. You can also give
it an icon and choose its settings here. Then tap
Done to save.

4: Browse Gallery
On the Workflow main screen, tap Browse
Gallery to look through a whole library of ready-
made workflows for you to download and use
to make your life a whole lot simpler.
5: Get workflows
When you’ve found one you’d like to try, simply
hit the Get Workflow button. This Workflow
will then be downloaded and added to your
personal workflow library.
6: Play workflow
You can then tweak the downloaded workflow
to your personal specifications. To run the
workflow, simply hit the Play (triangle) icon
found at the top of the interface.