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    Effects on weight loss related to water intake have been the subject of some scientific research.

    Scientists who have worked on this research have used the evidence obtained to support the hypothesis that increased dietary water intake (whether or not at meals) can promote weight loss in conjunction with other determinants, such as certain dietary programs and motor activity.

    To be honest, dieticians have been supporting this assumption for many years, even before it was confirmed by scientific publications.

    Water and Energy regulation

    The reasons for the hypothesis that drinking a lot of water at meals can promote weight loss in conjunction with a low-calorie diet are different.

    On the contrary, drinking water before eating helps suppress appetite. It does not require other substances to be taken and is a completely safe method. Although it can be defined as a popular remedy that has been in use for many years, also recommended by dieticians, it has only recently been subjected to a randomized and controlled scientific process to verify its real effects. Let us see them in more detail:

    A 2008 study concluded that drinking water is associated with weight loss in overweight women regardless of diet and physical activity

    A 2010 study concluded that people who consume two cups (500ml) of water before eating, absorb between 75 and 90kcal less

    A 2011 study on obese children concluded that drinking water at resting energy consumption was significant.

    A 2011 study of middle-aged and elderly adults (age over 40 years) administered 500ml of water 30′ prior to meal 3 times a day for 12 weeks; in this trial it was found that individuals lost 2kg of body weight compared to the control group

    A 2013 study of 18-23 adults concluded that with 500ml of water administered 3 times daily for 8 weeks, body weight reduction has occurred

    A 2013 review concluded that body weight reduction and slimming maintenance can benefit from increased dietary water intake.

    Water and thermoregulation

    One study revealed that drinking 500ml of water increases metabolic rate by 30% after 30-40′, with a total thermogenic response of 24kcal. About 40% of the thermogenic effect is determined by heating water from 22 to 37°C. However, a subsequent study in 2006 suggested that drinking 500ml of water at 3°C causes an increase in energy consumption of 4.5% for 60′.

    Water and Diet Changes

    A search by Barry Popkin et al. demonstrated that people who drink a lot of water eat more vegetables and fruit, drink less sweetened drinks and consume less total calories. The reason for the lower intake of sweetened drinks is that they often replace water in the ordinary diet; drinking water cancels the sense of thirst and therefore the need to drink sweetened drinks is not perceived.

    Increased water consumption, the replacement of sweetened drinks with free-energy drinks, and the consumption of water-rich foods (such as fruit and vegetables) with a relatively lower energy density can help in managing body weight.

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