Harmful herbs in pregnancy

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    The most risky moment always remains the first trimester of pregnancy where it is recommended to avoid any remedy, both pharmaceutical and natural, in order not to interfere in any way with the development of the foetus, since the risk is the influence of substances that can lead to malformations or damage the physiological functions of the unborn child.

    After the first quarter, if you experience any disorder, such as insomnia, you should use the herbs for short periods and always under medical supervision.

    For maladies typical of pregnancy, such as constipation, some natural remedy can therefore help. In the case of constipation, for example, caused by the child growing up in the belly by compressing the mother’s intestine and making it more difficult to empty the faeces, natural remedies such as laxatives and purgants are usually used, but in pregnancy they are considered dangerous because they can cause contractions and spasms that could lead to an abortion or an advance of birth.

    Among the herbs to avoid, therefore, there are frangula, rhubarb, senna, cascara and aloe that contain anthraquinones.

    Aloe in particular contains aloin, an active ingredient with a purgative laxative action, although it can be used in the form of aloe vera gel preparations where this substance is removed.

    Other plants to avoid are the devil’s claw, hypericum, willow, ginko, ginseng, fucus, fever and uncaria: some of them stimulate uterine contractions, while others are blood-fluidifying or slimming, not recommended because the mother has to increase her weight.

    Many plants containing essential oils such as mint, bitter orange and fennel are to be excluded because they are too concentrated: in fact, there is the risk of triggering allergies or activating their predisposition in the growth of the child.

    Common foods and plants such as sage, garlic, artichoke, liquorice should also be avoided or controlled during pregnancy.

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