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    Tinnitus are buzzing to the ears that occur internally, without there being a real exposure to noise or sounds. Sometimes the buzzing becomes penetrating and unstoppable. The causes can be of various kinds and the cure goes through many avenues.

    Symptoms of tinnitus
    whistles, sudden sounds. The disorder is also called tinnitus and occurs in the absence of external stimuli. Usually the sound goes in synchronous with the heartbeat and can be pulsating and generate additional headaches.

    Tinnitus are a frequent symptom, as 20% of the general population have experience of them. 5% of people with disabilities are 5% of them, and 1-2% have a disability with serious repercussions on their quality of life.

    The cause of this phenomenon is not yet known. Of course, the factors can be many and the nature of the disorder goes very much from case to case. It ranges from simple and pure exposure to very noisy environments to diabetes, thyroid problems, use of some drugs such as antidepressants, sedatives, anti-inflammatory drugs.

    In case of intoxication by sugars, alcohol and white flour, the diet also influences.

    Among other causes, tinnitus may be due to neurological disorders, infections, pharmacological therapies, alcoholism, otological, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

    Psychological factors, somatic origins, causes can be varied and sometimes cross-referenced.

    The first step is the auditory investigation. The specialist hearing care professional or otology doctor will pay particular attention to the otoscopic examination of the ear. After the basic audiometric and impedance examination and some acufenometric tests, a skull and mandibular district investigation is usually carried out.

    As a result of these examinations, the patient may be required to undergo further diagnostic examinations such as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, angioronance, echocolordoppler of epiaortic vessels and possibly trans-cranial, angiography.

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