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    Pay attention to dairy products and spirits. In the case of the former, it is a question of keeping in good health the mucus that inhabits our body which, when balanced, protects us, when too much clogs us. Alkolicides cause the blood vessels to dilate and therefore more blood flows into the capillaries of the inner ear.

    Since tinnitus negatively affects the quality of sleep, it is not a bad idea to devote oneself to light meals, which do not overburden the digestive system.

    It is also advisable to check for any food allergies or intolerances.

    Phytotherapeutic remedies for tinnitus
    Physical action can be taken by means of mesotherapy (with the use of homotoxicological remedies, for example) and phytogenic/gemmoderivatives. In this case, the choice depends on the possible cause that prevails over all the combined factors: if, for example, tinnitus is given by arteriosclerosis, it is useful to use Gingko Biloba.

    It is an innovative solution of scientifically documented active ingredients:

    Gingko biloba extract titrated;
    Alpha-lipoic acid;
    These act in synergy in the treatment of tinnitus and microcirculation dysfunction.

    Bach flowers for tinnitus
    Useful Bach flowers are useful:

    Cherry-plum (linked to the fear of losing control),

    Rock Water (linked to excessive stiffness towards itself and towards others),

    White Chestnut (in case of recurring thoughts).

    It is essential that the floritotherapist is a very attentive person and able to create the right tune with the patient during the preliminary interview, considering how many variables can be related to the disorder.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine
    With acupuncture, impresisoning results can be achieved in tinnitus, even of various kinds. The scientific literature in Chinese medicine is very extensive about the topic and clinical cases with positive results are numerous.

    Acupuncture may suggest a needlestick check in the wrists and ankles which, by means of graphs, highlight the unbalanced areas of the body. Tinnithenes are usually brought back to the internal organ of the stomach and to the state of anxiety that can cage the heart, but each individual case is evaluated specifically.

    Pathogens can be many but they lead back to full-decreased empty-empty-insufficiency. In a full-full situation the disorder can be caused by an excess of fire in the heart and liver, blood stagnation and stagnation of qi, fire-catarro union. Treatment is carried out by dispersal of fire, reduction of fire and disintegration of the catarrh, release of blood stasis. The vacuum situation is characterised by a lack of yin in the kidney and liver.

    Aromatherapy for tinnitus
    Essential lemon and rosemary essential oil can be very useful in the treatment of tinnitus.

    Actea racemosa (Cimicifuga racemosa): this is the homeopathic remedy that is the most effective in principle for the treatment of tinnitus. In particular, it is well connected to auditory changes linked to menopause and the general hormone issue.

    Exercises and movement in case of tinnitus
    The movement of the cerebrospinal fluid is very much linked to listening. It might not be a bad idea to receive a skull-sacral session from experienced hands.

    Stress is a very aggravating factor in tinnitus cases and it is good to devote oneself to disciplines such as tai chi chuan, yoga and pilates. Although the latter is more “physical”, it will allow you to experience a beneficial maninone with your breathing.


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