iOs notes app Iphone 6S

It would not be cruel to say that the iOS Notes app
has historically been too basic for many people, but
that has all now changed with the release of iOS 9.
All of a sudden the app is capable of offering all of the media-
related features that you need, and it is also more connected
to other apps than ever before. You can now insert images into
new notes and also add sketches, which can be drawn with a
variety of tools that work like a standalone drawing app. Each
object can be moved around within the note and all of the
data is held in place when the note is shared. From web links to
photos to task lists, they can all be included in a note and the
only limit to how complex a note can be will be down to your
imagination. The main listing interface is as simple as ever and
the sorting is logical, with full support for the global searching
mechanism within iOS, making it a fully integrated app that can
work with so many other apps. Apple has taken the basic Notes
app and added just the right number of carefully created new
features to make it capable of managing many aspects of your
life with ease – it’s a long way from how it used to be, but the
updated version should cater for your every need.

1: Format some text
When you tap and hold some text in the new
Notes app, you will see formatting options to
change the text to bold, italic or underlined.
You can also indent it.
2: A bulleted list
Tap the small ‘+’ icon and then the ‘Aa’ option
at the bottom of the screen to see the various
listing options that you can include in a new
note you’re creating.
3: Sketches and rulers
Tap the sketching icon to see all of the drawing
tools that are available to you, and then just
start sketching. It will be inserted in to the
note immediately.

4: Insert images
Tap the camera icon to select an image to
insert into your note. Portrait photos take up
the most space, but they do look neater within
the note.
5: Share to Notes
Within other apps you can share data to Notes
and a new note will be automatically created.
This includes web links and many other items
which are worth saving.
6: Share from Notes
All of the formatting, images and sketches will
stay in place when you share a note through
another app. This makes the process more
worthwhile than ever before.

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