Make use of Reminders Iphone 6S

Keep on top of everything in your life with the
Reminders app, which can tell you what to do and
when with just a few taps.

For those times when there’s just too much stuff in
your brain to possibly remember to do everything
at once, Apple’s Reminders app is here to save the
day. The beauty of this app is in its simplicity. It does exactly as
is says on the tin. You can set yourself reminders with as much
or as little detail as you like. This could be a simple note to
yourself to remind you to pick up eggs on your way home from
work, or it could be a more complicated, repeat alert to remind
you to take what medication and when.
The Reminders app lets you make lists, so that you can
store your reminders in handy categories. You can choose to
simply make brief to-do lists to check off as you go, or you can
set alarms to go off and alert you. If your iPhone has 3G/4G
capabilities you can even set a location reminder to alert you
to do something when you arrive at a specific location, simply
by toggling the ‘Remind me at a location’ slider to on. You can
also select the priority of your reminder to jog your memory
of its importance, and add any extra notes for some handy
background information. Whatever it is that you can’t afford to
forget, you can trust Reminders to jog your memory!

1: Make new reminders
Simply tap on the list and begin typing to add a
new reminder. You will notice that the task gets
added to the list with a checkbox to tick when
it’s completed.
2: Fill in details
Tap the small ‘i’ icon next to your reminder to fill
in some information. You can choose to set an
alert for this task – scroll through the date and
time to set it.
3: Set recurring alerts
To set a recurring reminder alert, tap the
Repeat option and select from the time frames
to repeat. Alternatively, tap Custom for more
detailed repeat options for your reminder.

4: Create a new list
To add reminders to a new list, tap Add List in
the bottom-left corner. You can then type in a
name for your list and begin populating it with
relevant reminders.
5: View scheduled alerts
To see your upcoming reminders, tap the
Scheduled button that can be found at the
bottom of your lists. This shows you your alerts
in chronological order.
6: Search for reminders
Tap in the Search bar in the top-left corner and
begin typing your search term. Any relevant
reminders will be shown below – simply tap
one in the list to view it.