Mindmeister free tutorial app review

Another app that I suggest you try out for conceptual diagrams and maps on Android or iOS is MindMeister, a semi-free solution that can be used upon registration. The free version of MindMeister allows you to create no more than 3 maps and allows you to access only some basic features. In order to create an unlimited number of schematics and to access the app’s full functionality, you must subscribe to the Personal subscription, which starts from 5.99 euro/month.

After downloading MindMeister to your device, start the app and create your free account by pressing on the Register and registering via your email or, alternatively, log in via your Google account or Facebook account by pressing the corresponding buttons. Once registered, tap on the link No thank you, continue with the free subscription (if you don’t want to try the trial of your Personal subscription). On the next screen, press the? symbol and in the menu that appears, press New Map to create a map from scratch or tap on the New Map from Model Map option to use one of the available presets. In the screen that appears, you should display the editor that allows you to create your own schema and modify it at will.

To start working on the preloaded schema elements, tap on one of the nodes that you see and, in the menu that appears, press on the Edit… item to modify the text in the node itself and press on the? symbol to add new nodes to the map. To insert an image or other multimedia element to your pattern, tap on the image symbol; while to add text elements (note, links, etc.), tap on the icon of the comic strip that contains the symbol (?).

When the job is complete, export the map in the various available formats (RTF, PDF, PNG, etc.) or print it, pressing on the arrow symbol and selecting the Export or Print options from the menu that opens.

An app with 1.5 million users and about 300 million ideas already created. MindMeister is a highly sought after product on the mobile market that allows you to create mental maps and serves to reorganize all the confusion born from our mind, to transform it into a real project.

With MindMeister, both maps created for personal use and those designed for the business world become “visible” and can be shared with friends and colleagues in a simple and interactive way.

After registering as a new user, you can easily start creating mental diagrams thanks to intuitive graphics. You decide what the focus of the scheme is and then, with a double tap, you can create new customizable secondary nodes, which can be connected to the main node or between them.

Maps are editable and customizable: nodes can contain images, external links or written notes. MindMeister is web-based, designed to be exploited mainly online, but also discreet offline with stand-alone mode, to save your intuitions at all times, even if you are not equipped with a network connection.

As soon as the scheme is finished, the app will allow you to export it in multiple formats (image, MindManager, docx, pptx, pdf) or share it through the ability to copy the html code and send it by e-mail.

A very interesting feature is that while sharing a remote project, you have the opportunity to show users who are participating in brainstorming the changes made to the scheme in real time.