More efficient Siri IOS 9 Iphone 6S

Uttering commands to your iPhone has never felt
so natural thanks to the enhanced Siri service that
plunders a greater range of topics for answers. In fact,
it knows what you want before you do. With a greater array of
‘askable’ options available and many more ways to streamline your
requests, Siri finds and gathers what you crave almost instantly
– whether its a request to see a photo or video from a particular
date or location or setting yourself a reminder based on something
you’re looking at in Notes, Safari or Mail, Siri handles it effortlessly.
Also, if you ask Siri to search for something then the range of
results has been intensified to include more information and from
more sources. For example, type in the name of your favourite
football team and you will get match reports, current stats and
more. And before you even ask what to search for, Siri will present a
predicated range of items based on how you use your device.