Organise contacts IOS 9 Iphone 6S

Keep all of your friends and colleagues organised
in the iOS 9 Contacts app. It is simple to use, but
capable of complex organisation.

You may think that keeping a contacts list is an easy
thing to do and it certainly can be if all you need is
an accurate listing of your friends and colleagues.
However, if you want more, the standard iPhone Contacts
app is more than capable of providing it. You can set up as
many groups as you need and separate your acquaintances
into logical listings, which will speed up your people finding
every single day. With groups you can still access all of your
contacts with one tap if needed, which is handy, and you can
even link contacts together to share data. For example, if you
have accidentally created a duplicate of one person, simply
use the ‘link contacts…’ option and they will magically merge
into one contact. iCloud completes the set of features and is
actually required to create groups, but it offers so many more
advantages that it would be foolhardy to ignore it, especially
considering it’s free. The personal approach of the Contacts
app makes it easy to understand and use, but it is capable of
being used in business and at no point will overcomplicate
the process. We will show you how to get all of your contacts
organised and fortunately the process is surprisingly easy.

Sort orders
Go to Settings and select ‘Mail, Contacts,
Calendars’. Now scroll down the right-hand
side until you see ‘Contacts’ and choose your
preferred sort and display order.

Short names
Tap on Short Name and then choose how you
want your contacts to display in third-party
apps. First name will work better for navigation
in most situations.

Create detailed contacts
In the Contacts app, tap the ‘+’ icon to create
new entries. Add as much detail as you possibly
can to increase the chances of quickly finding
them later.

iCloud for Groups
You will need to use iCloud to create new
groups of contacts. First, go to Settings>iCloud
and make sure that the Contacts option is
enabled. Now go to on a PC.

Create new groups
Click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the
screen and select New Group. Now give it a
descriptive name which separates it from the
rest. Create some more groups if required.

New Group contacts
Now click and hold any contact and drag it
to one of the groups. All of your organised
contacts and groups will be synchronised in
iCloud to your iPhone.