Organise with Calendar IOS 9 Iphone 6S

Let this awesome app keep your whole life in check,
with appointments, reminders and much more to
make sure you never miss a beat.

If you’re in need of order in your life, Calendar is
surely the app for you. It has a clean and easy-to-use
interface, plus quite possibly every capability you
could ever need from a diary – throw the little book of dates
and scribbles out, as your iPad has your organisational needs
covered! Adding events to Calendar is incredibly easy, with the
ability to include as much info as you like. You can invite whole
guest lists to events to keep your friends in the know, and
even share your calendar with other people. The app already
provides you with default ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ calendars – to
share information with family and colleagues respectively.
Another excellent feature is that your Calendar app will sync
seamlessly over all of your Apple devices, meaning that there’s
no excuse to miss a date again! You can even set reminders, and
add events as repeat occurrences to ensure that you’re there,
regular as clockwork. Calendar also lets you manage your social
diary, handily providing you with a list of events that others
have invited you to. You can view your diary by day, week,
month or year, and even search for events so that you’re always
present and correct.

1: Create an event
Tap the ‘+’ symbol in the top-right corner to
open up the New Event dialog. Here you can
add in all the relevant information – begin with
the title of your event.
2: Enter extra info
Move through the different fields in the dialog
box and enter all your event’s details, such as
location, date and time. You can even add travel
time or repeat events.
3: Choose your calendar
Calendar allows you to pick separate colour-
coded calendars to add events to, so you can
keep your work and home life separate. Simply
tap the one you want to use.

4: Invite people
To create an event that involves multiple
people, tap Invite. Begin to write a contact’s
name, tap their details below and hit Invite to
pop them on your guest list.
5: Search for events
Tap the magnifying glass in the top right of the
interface, then type your search term. You’ll see
a handy list of suggestions – simply tap the
event to view it.
6: Browse your calendar
Tap the Day, Week, Month or Year tab found at
the top of the screen to see your events laid out
before you. Swipe through to either view them
in great detail or in brief.

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