Read only the news you want with News app Iphone 6S

There are countless third-party apps designed
to help you curate online news for the topics
and publications that you prefer, and each uses
different methods to remain unique in a crowded market.
Apple has now decided to join the party and has given us the
obviously titled News app to help us read only the news that
is of interest to us or which is of great importance. It is all too
easy to be overwhelmed with online content and being able
to manage what you read will not only save time, but ensure
that you get to read news that actually matters to you. Apple
has built a consistent interface which levels the various design
styles used by different publications and produced an app
which is exceptionally easy to use. Tap an article to read it and
it will then be marked as read at which point you move on to
the next one, and recommended articles appear all of the time
which means you always have something new to read. As you
learn how the app works, Apple learns what you like and the
content becomes even more personal and interesting as each
day passes. It truly is the perfect example of less is more and is
already one of the very best mobile news readers available.

1: Immediate suggestions
When you open the app you will asked
what topics you prefer and which suggested
channels you would like to add to your
favourites. Tap the ‘+’ icons to add them.
2: Your favourites grid
The favourites you select, whether they are
publications or topics, will be saved to a grid
which you can access from the ‘Favourites’ icon
at the bottom.
3: View the articles
When you tap an icon in the grid, you will be
presented with all of the latest articles in a
handy list for the relevant topic. Tap any article
to read the content.

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4: Near perfect presentation
You will immediately notice how well presented
the articles are, no matter which publication
they are from. They are consistently designed
and extremely easy to read on the iPhone.
5: Viewing images
If you want to view the accompanying pictures,
tap on any image in an article to view it in
greater detail. You can then zoom in further to
see it in all of its glory. Simple, but useful.
6: Share an article
Tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen
when reading an article to immediately share it
using any supported sharing platform on your
iPhone. It is very flexible.

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