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Reset Iphone
Sometimes to return to work an electronic device just turn it off and then on again, or, at other times, reset it and reset it. This is true for computers and also for smartphones and tablets, especially after a certain period of use, after installing different applications and after moving the system settings. Even if you do a factory reset of the iPhone it is not really ideal because all custom settings, data applications, photos and contacts are deleted, but sometimes it is necessary and it is the necessary way if there are errors prevent turning it on, to charge the battery or operate it when it is locked, as he did when he had just bought. In addition a complete reset, eliminating any data, it is essential operation in the case of the iPhone sold to another person, so that he may find the personal information of the previous owner. Resetting an iPhone, regardless of the generation and the number (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, etc.) to the original factory settings is a simple process for everyone, which requires just five minutes of time. However, before doing so it is appropriate to do some operations to save the data and making sure that they can be restored, mainly to avoid losing photographs and directory contacts are the most important things. In this guide, then we see all the ways to make the iPhone a factory reset, whatever it is, with instructions also apply to the iPad.

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To reset the iPhone from your computer, you must install the iTunes program on your computer (if you have not already) that the iPhone management program. iTunes you can download for PC and Mac from the Apple site. If already installed, check that it is the latest version from the menu that appears by clicking the question mark on the top bar.

1) Prepare the iPhone, connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable, open iTunes (you should open by itself and recognize the device) and press the button to make the backup. Alternatively, you can follow the guide to make the backup of the iPhone using iCloud. The backup allows you to save photos, apps, contacts, settings and other data so that you can automatically reset after the reset and return to use the iPhone as before. 2) Reset the iPhone Once the backup is complete, you can click on the gray button to restore the iPhone appearing in the Summary tab in iTunes. Accept and confirm the decision and, if required, accept the software license agreement that will initiate the download of iOS before recovery.


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3) Restore Data Once the phone has been reset, turn it on and check that everything is empty, with the only pre-installed applications from Apple, no account and no data in memory. If done correctly, it will meet, at power of the iPhone, the startup wizard, from which you can restore data from a backup or continue as if you had a new phone just came out from the factory or store. Restoring data it can also be done from iTunes by choosing the last backup made. You can also reset an iPhone from the same phone, without using iTunes and a computer. Then tap the Settings icon on the Home screen, go to the General to find the reset button. Among the reset options, the stronger that clears everything is the second from the top, the one that says to remove the content and settings of your phone. After the phone has been reset, after a few minutes, the iPhone will be as new and can be restored from a backup or began a new start-up procedure from scratch. If the iPhone was locked and we could not do a reset from the settings menu, there is another way. First of all, it is worth to force the iPhone restarts because maybe it was just a temporary error that does not happen again. To restart the iPhone locked you just hold down the Power key / Wake until the red slider that can be dragged to switch off phone. After the device has switched off, press and hold the Standby button again until the Apple logo appears. To reset the iPhone locked however you have to keep pressing the Home button (the one at the center) and the power button or standby for 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. You can also do a hard reset of the iPhone, as a last resort, putting it in DFU mode (Device Firmware Update).


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Then switch off the iPhone by holding the On / Off button and connect it to your computer with iTunes installed and opened. The DFU mode by turning the iPhone is activated as follows: simultaneously press the Home button and the Power and hold for 10 seconds, counting aloud. After 10 seconds, release only the power button, letting down the Home button until iTunes detects the iPhone is not putting it into recovery mode. It will then be made a fresh install of iOS operating system and a master reset of the iPhone’s operation.

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