Schedule a call back IOS 9 Iphone 6S

It’s not always possible to answer your iPhone
when it rings, but thankfully the iPhone 6 features a
process that reminds you to call back later.
Missing a call from anyone can trigger a strange
emotional response in all of us and at times a sense
of guilt. We naturally feel the need to respond to
people, especially friends, but it is not always convenient and
you then need to remember to call them back. Fortunately
your iPhone has you covered and you now have no excuse
not to call a contact back because there is a simple process
that you can employ to automate the process. Without this
feature you would have to add a new calendar appointment
or reminder and then schedule it, but with it you can tap the
screen a couple of times and have the number you need to call
appear on your home screen exactly when you need it to. It
isn’t a well known feature, like many of the jewels in the iPhone
crown, but it is extremely effective and will serve you well time
and time again. Alongside the one-touch text responses to
incoming calls, you will be able to keep in touch with those
most important to you, no matter how busy you are, and
remain on good terms throughout. This understanding of how
a phone can help build relationships is a hallmark of the iPhone
experience and this feature is a perfect example.

A simple icon
When a new call comes in, you will see four
icons at the bottom of the screen. For this
tutorial you will need to use the ‘Remind Me’
option to schedule a call back.

Four new options
Tap the ‘Remind Me’ icon and you will see four
options presented on the screen. The easiest
way to use the feature is by selecting to receive
a reminder ‘In 1 hour’.

A new reminder
When the allotted time has passed, you will
see a new reminder appear on your main
screen. Simply slide it to view the details in the
Reminders app.

Tap to call
When you tap the reminder, you will see a new
panel appear. You can now tap ‘Call’ and the
process will be completed. Notice how much of
it is automated.

Edit the reminder
Tap the ‘i’ icon on the reminder you have set
and you can then change the parameters of
how it will work, which even includes location
sensitive triggers.

The alternative
If you do not use this process, you can also tap
‘Recents / Missed’ in the Phone app and then
tap to call. You will have to remember to do it,
however, as this is not automated.

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