Settings app IOS 9 Iphone 6S

You might think that the Settings app would
contain a spattering of options to change specific
features of the iPhone, but it actually presents
you with a huge list of options which contain further
settings within them. The list has grown over time and can be
confusing at first, but the best advice is to take a long look at
what is available and to then only change what you need to.
The number of options will also expand as you install new apps
because many will push their individual settings to the main
Settings panel, so that is something to be aware of if you are
struggling to make changes in an app. Here, we will highlight
the most useful settings and also show you how to navigate
through the long lists, but each person will have different
requirements, so spend as much time as you can making the
iPhone truly personal to you in Settings. For quick changes
when in an app or game, you can use the Control Centre –
accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen – so in
theory you will only need to access Settings occasionally. It is
now time to get a glimpse of what is available in Settings, and
you may be surprised at how beneficial the options are.

Understand your iPhone
Go to Settings, tap General in the left panel,
then About. You can now view advanced
information about your iPhone, including
amount of storage available and serial numbers.

The display
Tap on Display & Brightness in the left panel
and make sure the Auto-Brightness button is
green. This will provide the optimum brightness
setting in all lighting conditions.

Deeper settings
Some settings offer more options within them.
For example, the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’
setting offers a myriad of preferences to tweak
to your specific requirements.

Add new accounts
The social section of Settings lets you add new
Twitter, Facebook and other accounts for use
throughout iOS 9. The Settings area is about
much more than the hardware.

Use Accessibility settings
The Accessibility settings can be useful for
everyone. Explore using larger and bolder text,
reducing animation motion, and changing the
button shapes. Some options are very useful.

Access settings quickly
Rather than opening the Settings app proper
every time you want to turn Wi-Fi on or adjust
brightness, you can swipe up from the bottom
of the screen to bring up the Control Centre.

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