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One of the first applications you should try on your Android or iOS device is SimpleMind, a semi-free solution that allows you to easily create patterns and conceptual maps thanks to a “clean” interface without frills.

To access all the most advanced features included in SimpleMind (e. g. data synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive, the inclusion of images in conceptual maps and the addition of icons in nodes) you need to switch to the Pro version of the app, which costs 7.49 euros on Android and 6.99 euros on iOS. SimpleMind is also available in the form of a program for Windows and MacOS PCs, both as a free version and as a Pro version. For more details, please visit the SimpleMind website.

After downloading SimpleMind on your smartphone or tablet, start the app by pressing on the April button or tap on its icon located on your device’s home screen and, on the home screen, type text in the main node, which is located right in the middle of the screen.

Then, press on the central node you have just modified and tap on one of the symbols that appear on the screen: press on the symbol (…) to access the menu of tools that allow you to modify the appearance of the central node, copy it, cut it, etc.; tap on the symbol (T) to insert a text note; press on the symbol? to add other nodes or press on the pentagon symbol to modify the layout of the text and, to

To access the various SimpleMind functions, if you use an Android terminal, press on the symbol (…) and tap on one of the options that appear on the screen: Select Style, to change the appearance of the conceptual map; Delete, to delete an element in the created schema; Add, to add a new node; Outline, to define the outliner of your schema; Enlarge, to adjust the size of the

If you use iOS, on the other hand, you’ll be able to use the Style item to define your own conceptual map style; press on the trash symbol to delete an item; tap on the (+) symbol to add a new node; press on the arrow symbol to share your pattern or tap on the (…) symbol to set your pattern outliner, import a map from the desktop or set SimpleMind user preferences.

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