Touch ID customization IOS 9 Iphone 6S

Touch ID ticks all of the boxes for a fingerprint
system and works exactly as you would want it
to. It’s quick, easy to use and secure, but you still
have many options that you can tweak to make it work in
the way you want it to. For the majority of these settings, you
should only need to set them up once and you will then enjoy
greater unlocking speeds, more secure app purchases and the
reassurance that the technology is working exactly as it should.
We will show you how to add new fingerprints to your iPhone
and also how to choose when Touch ID should be used. Given
that it’s more secure than any password, we suggest enabling it
in every available area. It takes a few minutes to complete setup,
but the time savings in the future are immeasurable compared
to what you will need to do initially. If you have a secure Touch
ID device, it means that nobody should be able to access your
data under any circumstances, but the requirement to still
keep your passcode safe and secure is important. Touch ID is
reassuring, secure and extremely easy to use.

Locate the settings
Open Settings on your iPhone and look for the
‘Touch ID & Passcode’ option. You will likely
have to input your passcode before you can
access this screen.

Set your options
At the top of the screen you will see options
to set up Touch ID for unlocking your iPhone,
Apple Pay and App and iTunes purchases. Tap
what you need.

Add your fingerprints
You can add up to five fingerprints, and we
would suggest to set them all up to cover every
single situation. Think about the fingers you use
most when using your phone.

Setup complete
Follow the instructions carefully and you will
eventually reach the completion screen. It takes
some time, but it also saves a lot of time in the
long run.

Use a passcode
You should also enable a passcode so that you
have a backup just in case the Touch ID sensor
fails. It will still be needed when powering on
an iPhone.

Access when locked
Further down the screen you can also allow
access to other secure features even when the
iPhone is locked. These act like quick shortcuts
from the lock screen.

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