Use the App Store to browse through and download free and paid apps onto your iPhone

When you first start up your iPhone, one of the
first things you’ll want to do is jump onto the App
Store and download new or favourite apps to run
on your iPhone. The App Store lets you browse for apps by
categories including games, books, education, entertainment
and many more. The App Store syncs directly with your
Apple account, so any purchases you’ve made on the Store
across any of your Apple devices will be made available to
you. From the Purchased screen in the App Store, you’ll be
able to access all of your previous purchases across all devices
and download apps that you’ve not yet installed on your
iPhone. The App Store is also where you can go to update
all of your apps. Whenever a new update for an app is made
available, it will be displayed next to the Updates button in
the bottom toolbar. Every single app made available on the
App Store comes with all the information you need to decide
if it’s the right app for you. With user reviews and ratings
made available to you, as well as lists of similar apps and other
apps from the same developer, you can find exactly what you
want easily through the App Store.

1: Browse for apps
Tap Explore in the bottom toolbar of the App
Store to browse through all of the different
categories available. Each category will present
you with previews of its top apps.
2: App info
Tap on an app name to view more information
about it. Beneath the description, check out the
Information subheading to make sure the app is
compatible with your device and iOS version.
3: View related apps
Tap on the Related button to view some more
similar apps, or tap on the developer’s name to
view more of that company’s available apps or
visit its website.

4: Buy an app
You’ll need to have a payment system set up
to purchase an app in the App Store. Tap on
Get – or the app’s price, then Buy – to begin
downloading the app.
5: Review an app
In the app information window, tap Reviews
then tap ‘Write a review’ to leave your own
impressions of an app. Here you can also see
what others thought of the app.
6: Manage your apps
Tap Purchased in the bottom toolbar to view all
your purchased apps. Tap the cloud download
icon to download apps that you haven’t yet
installed on your iPhone.