Using a camera

Camera shake is unsharpness in a photo caused by camera movement during shooting. Holding a camera incorrectly is the most common cause. The heavier the camera and lens combination, the more important it is to support your camera correctly.
Do 1 Use your left hand to support the lens from below. 2 Grip the camera firmly. 3 Look through the camera’s Viewfinder if it has one. 4 Hold your elbows lightly against your body. 5 Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. 6 Breathe in and then slowly out—gently press the shutter button fully down before breathing back in.
Don’t 7 Let your camera bag unbalance you. 8 Hold your elbows out to the side of your body. 9 Hold the camera away from your face. 10 Jab sharply at the camera shutter button. 11 Leave the lens unsupported. 12 Lean at an awkward and unstable angle.

Not all optical Viewfinders show you 100 percent of the scene you’re shooting. Be aware of this limitation when composing your shots.Leaning against a wall or supporting your camera on a fence post are easy ways to keep the camera more stable when shooting handheld.Using a Viewfinder (1) has several advantages compared to using the rear LCD (2). When looking through a Viewfinder, you rest the camera against your face. This makes the camera more stable when shooting handheld and lets you concentrate more on a shot without distraction. However, there are advantages to using a rear LCD as well. You can zoom into the Live View display to check your focus before shooting. It’s also easier to see the effects of functions such as white balance on your image before shooting. Attach your camera to a tripod to avoid moving your camera and altering your composition.When composing, look around the edge of the Viewfinder or LCD screen (3), not just at the center. Temporarily switch off icons and information (4) on the LCD when composing as they may obscure key details. Set eyesight correction on a Viewfinder if necessary (5). Set the correct brightness (6) for the LCD.

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