Why upscale your video to 2K = 1440p (2560×1440)?
The main advantage is the bitrate that Youtube assigns to it’s quality levels; above 1080p YouTube is pretty generous.
Here’s an example: Upload a 25 or 30 fps video at 1080p and YouTube encodes it at about 4.3 MBit/s. Scale the same video to 1440p and you get 10 MBit/s when playing it at 1440p and it looks A LOT better because of that bitrate boost.


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If you watch it in 1440p you can clearly see the benefit of the better bits per pixel ratio.
Do you know what bitrate youtube streams 1440p videos at?
At 1920×1080 there are 8160 16×16 macroblocks sharing about 4.3 MBit/s
At 2560×1440 there are 14400 16×16 macroblocks sharing about 10 MBit/s
That’s a 76% increase in macroblocks and a ~133% increase in bitrate.
Video quality Vimeo vs youtube : Vimeo uses constant bitrate with CRF=20, however Youtube uses VARIABLE bitrate mode, which allows for lower overall bitrates while maintaining quality.

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